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We’ve been told the best way to lose those extra pounds of fat that we have been carrying around, is through intense, planned workout routines.

However, these exercises can be difficult, cause stress to the body and accelerate the body’s aging process – certainly something we wish to avoid! If you are tired of doing the same traditional exercise routines over and over again, you might want to try Zumba®.

The Zumba Workout is the brainchild of famed Colombian choreographer, Alberto Perez. In the early 1990’s, he started to use dance as a way for people to lose weight and firm up their bodies. Now, due to the merchandising skill and determination of Alberto Perlman, people all around the world can enjoy the Zumba fitness routines in their area without going to South America!

There are a lot of advantages to enrolling in one of these fitness classes. The concept used here is dance – Zumba dance more specifically, which is suitable for all ages and levels of experience. As long as you are moving and having fun, that is the key to losing weight and toning up!

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Some of the moves that you can learn include the basics of Latin American dances such as foxtrot, salsa and tango. Today, other dance styles have been added to the routines, such as the Waltz and Hip-hop. Each instructor will offer something different.

The best thing about Zumba is that anyone can do this. Many adaptations were created when the workout routines skyrocketed to fame. Both men and women; the young and young at heart can definitely do all of these styles.

Doing the ZUMBA Workout


One of the charms of any Zumba Fitness class is that you can turn away from doing those extremely difficult pull-ups, push-ups and crunch repetitions forever. But do not think that attending a Zumba class is too easy – you will still need to learn all the moves and put in hours of practice to perfect the choreography. However, the great results are definitely worth it!

One unique aspect to Zumba is that there are intervals in the workout routines. Some of the songs that are included in the Zumba music list start off slowly, then progress faster which means that the steps will also get faster. There are also various difficulty levels that you can choose. If you already know the basics for instance, you can immediately jump to the more advanced dance steps in the Zumba fitness routine. Still, it will be best to begin with the slower-paced songs as warm-up exercises so that you minimize the risk of injury.

The reason which makes this an amazing cardiovascular workout is the music that you are dancing to. There is nothing more fun than those Latin beats and tunes which accompany you to losing all those excess fats and toning muscles. Enroll in a Zumba Workout class so you can benefit immediately from this.

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